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Everything about Outlander on 2013.

This year 2013 is almost over. How has it been for the STARZ new series, adapted from Diana Gabaldon's best selling novels? Did you miss the ride? Want to remember? OK, here we go...

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June 2nd: Diana Gabaldon shares in her Facebook page the news about the, maybe yes, maybe not, adaptation of 'Outlander' into a TV series by STARZ and executive producer Ron D. Moore.

June 25th: It's official, press release and all. Diana Gabaldon herself makes the announcement in her FB page. STARZ and Sony Pictures will adapt the (for the moment) first book of the saga into a TV show.

July 09th: After several days filled with rumours on Twitter, is confirmed: scottish actor Sam Heughan will bring Jamie Fraser to life. Diana Gabaldon approves. Me too!

August 08th: Tobias Menzies will have a double role in the series. He'll play both, Frank Randall and his ancestor, Jonathan Black Randall.

August 20th: John Dahl (“Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,”) will direct the first two episiodes of Outlander.

August 26th: STARZ makes a poll, to know what name we'd like to be known for, as fans of the show.

August 30th: Annette Badland and Stephen Walters will play Mrs Fitz and Angus Mhor.

Seems like Angus' role will be bigger in the TV series than the book, which makes some people nervous, fearing the show will stray too much from the books. From the STARZ Network, they ask for confidence and patience. So, in STARZ we trust.

September 04th: Gary Lewis will play Colum Mackenzie. And Graham McTavish will be his brother, Dougal Mackenzie. They both are Jamie's uncles.

September 06th: Tall Ship Productions (Maril) makes for the fist time (but not the last) a Q&A in Twitter for the Outlander fans. Yeah! A lot of interesting insight from this.

September 10th: Duncan Lacroix has been cast as Murtagh.

September 11th: Claire is here!! The Internet goes crazy! The actress who will portray the beloved character is irish Caitriona Balfe, who has been modelling all around the world but what she always wanted to be was an actress. She's described as perfect for the role. And as they did for Jamie, STARZ releases a few pictures of Caitriona for our enjoyment.

September 16th: Roderick Gilkison will play Hamish MacKenzie, Colum's son and Jamie's nephew.

September 18th: STARZ announces that Outlander will make it to the famous New York's Comic-Con.  

October 03rd: STARZ makes a poll and finally, the name chosen to be our 'war name' is... well, Outlanders. Makes a lot of sense to me! Loud and clear.

October 07th: Filming starts today, and to celebrate, STARZ opens an Instagram account where Behind The Scenes pictures will be shared.

October 10th: NY ComiCon starts and everybody is getting crazy trying to know as much as possible about it. For over two days, every little bit of shared info is welcome and eagerly devoured.

October 12th: An special event for the fans is held at the McKittrick Hotel (NY), where Carmi Zlotnik, Head of Production at STARZ, explained he was given Outlander, he read it in one night and said "this has to be done". He introduced Ron Moore and Diana for a Q&A (see video below) and after that, fans were treated to a lunch with Diana and Ron. And the jewel in the crown: at the beginning of the video (posted below), we can see a compilation of different BTS moments, including a certain redhaired and a greeting from Caitriona and Sam for all of us.

October 14th: Lotte Verbeek is cast as Geillis Duncan.

October 15th: James Fleet will portray Reverend Wakefield.

October 16th: First pictures of 'Claire' and 'Frank' land on the Net, taken at the location where they're filming Outlander. 

October 17th: Laura Donnelly will portray Jenny Fraser Murray, Jamie's sister.

October 18th: The NY Comic-Con is over and has left a trail of pics, videos, and info behind that is, slowly but surely, being poured into the Internet: Photos of the models for scenarios, sketches of different locations, individual pages of the scripts, a Diana Gabaldon and Ron D. Moore's video where they talk about bringing the show into the screen...

October 22th: Nell Hudson will play Laoghaire MacKenzie.

October 25th: Internet explodes when Starz, taking us totally by surprise, decides to share with Outlanders the first picture of Heughan in character. Ladies and gentlemen, Jamie Fraser.

October 27th: Grant O’Rourke has been cast as Rupert MacKenzie. 

November 01st: Tracey Wilkinson will portray Mrs. Graham and Kathryn Howden will play Mrs. Baird.

November 05th: Liam Carney has been cast as Alec McMahon MacKenzie, and Aislin McGuckin will play Letitia MacKenzie.

To top it all, we have a look at the first (unofficial) pics of Caitriona Balfe as Claire in the 18 century. Along with Stephen Walters and Grant O'Rourke.

November 10th: Prentis Hancock will portray Uncle Lamb. Claire's uncle.

November 18th: Sam and his red hair are announced to present one of the Scottish BAFTA awards. Interview included. Internet goes overload again, because he's wearing a kilt. STARZ fuels the fire by sharing pics like this one:

November 30th: STARZ decides is time for us to learn how to speak proper outlander, and they give us the first lesson: how to pronounce correctly the word 'sassenach'. Sam is the one to teach us.

December 02nd:
Writter for the show, Matt Roberts, makes a Q&A in Twitter for the Outlanders. We learn a lot more of interesting stuff!

December 07th: Actor, author and director Simon Callow has been cast as the Duke of Sandringham.

December 11th: STARZ announces a surprise for the Outlanders, which has everybody eagerly awaiting and biting their nails. Later in, is revelaed that said surprise is an evening in Los Angeles with Diana, Ron *and* Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. Outlanders near L.A are estatic. International (and far from L.A) Outlanders, no so much. So STARZ, keeping their habit of spoiling us whenever they can (that is, when there are no legal issues concerned) make a second announcement: the event will be live streamed for the whole world. YAY!

December 13th: Surprise! The STARZ website is updated with pictures of the actors in characters, and for the greatest part of them, is the first time we get to see them in their roles!

December 25th: STARZ shares a video in where many of the Outlander actors wish us Happy Holidays.

December 27th: New outlander lesson is out. This time, we learn how to say Carigh Na Dun.

And after all this, now the question is... are we ready for 2014? Yes! Je suis prest!

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