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Outlander fundraising for Little Wish Foundation.

Let me start by saying something: Outlander is so much more than just a TV show.

Or books.

To begin with, I’m sure you can agree with me on this: the Internet magnifies everything. In the same way that once upon a time, it was great to write with some penpals about shared interests and hobbies, for instance. But nowadays is much easier. We're a lot closer. We can interact everyday, at anytime we want, with mind alikes. And in this environment, is a lot easier to get "obsessed" by something. You belong. You find people who understand you.

On the other hand, is also easier to feel "closer" to the actors and "know them" a little better. To the extent that you can truly know someone through a Twitter public account. But you know what I mean. What they like, what they don’t… the causes they support.

Why are we here?

Sam Heughan was the first one to throw the gauntlet, if you could say so, supporting Bloodwise cancer. Followed soon by Caitriona Balfe, patron of Wild Child Cancer, and Tobias Menzies with Water Aid. And so on and on with almost every single actor in the show. And since the very beginning, their fans followed their lead. Thousands of dollars and pounds have been raised by several groups like Heughligans, Caitriots, Outlandish UK, The Peak Posse, and many other regional and fan groups. All of them formed by fans coordinated and filled with good intentions. The lifes of many people, changed for the best.

And it is in that spirit that in Outlander Spain, we want to join in and help as well. 


In November 2015, a group of Spanish fans attended the Ringcon in Germany, to meet some of the Outlander actors. And Mari Ángeles thought it a good idea, to buy an extra Sam's autograph and donate it for a raffle. But after that… Actually, she can tell the story herself. 

Hello everyone.

Every day we see some people trying to help others, to a greater or lesser extent. Some donate time, others donate money, others put their skills at the service of those who need them and others put their fame on helping the charitable causes that they have decided to support. Many of us feel the urge to follow suit, but not always know how. We go on with our lives, but we keep in the back of our minds and our hearts the impulse.

Until one day, opportunity arises and shape that impulse and make it a reality.

In this case, the opportunity was the Ringcon held in Germany in November last year, which was attended by Sam Heughan, and the trigger  was the opportunity to buy an autographs from hims. What better idea to raffle off his autograph and donate the proceeds to charity? I brought the idea to Beatriz (aka @OutlanderSpain) to help me spread the project on her Twitter and she fully involved herself with the initiative.

So after waiting to get our turn in the queue for autographs, we told Sam that the picture he was about to sign was to be used for a charity raffle. He was delighted and did his best to write something different, adding even a phrase in Gaelic.

Sam Heughan posing at the RingCon with the signed picture. 

And this is how the #WishOutlander initiative was born.

Since then, Beatriz and I have been working on it to make it what it is at present. Many people have joined us along the way, donating several Outlander items to raffle with Sam’s autograph, many of them handmade. The last step was to contact an association to which we could donate the full amount of the proceeds.

And now it's your turn, because in the end, you are the ones who have the most important role in this story: you can make this idea turn into something real.

Thank you very much for joining us and contributing your part. Hopefully, we can meet at least one of the desires in the list, and make a child happy.

So, as you can see, the original idea started getting bigger and bigger, becoming what it is today, with the help of more people joining along the way, donating without expecting nothing in return.

Who are you donating to?

Fundación Pequeño Deseo could be translated to Little Wish Foundation - similar in its concept to the Make a Wish in the States. Its mission is to make come true the dreams of the children suffering from chronich or bad pronostic illness, with the goal to support them by making them happy and help them deal with their situation and heal better.


Check out what they have done by far (more than 3.000 dreams come true!) stoping by their website or their Twitter and Facebook.

How to donate?

By every donation of 5€, you’ll get a number for the raffle. If you donate 2 times, you'll get 2 numbers, and so on and on. Needless to say, you can donate as many times as you want. And make sure to always include your email address.

Also, if you know os anyone who might want to help but is not interested in the Outlander prize, they can also do so by donating through "Ticket zero".

Remember, if you're paying from the UK or from outside Europe, currency need to be in EUROS. And don't forget to fill the form with your email and name when donating. 

And that’s all. With the help of Fundación Pequeño Deseo (Small Wish Foundation) and yours, we take off.

Thanks to all of you willing to make a children’s life happier and better! x


Children you're helping: 
* Names are fictitious to respect the privacy of children. The wishes are real.

DIEGO: travel to Eurodisney to "live like a cartoon movie"
MARINA fly in the sky to "see the world from above".
CARLOS: go to a game of my team "to watch them and applaud nonstop"
ALMA: Make a big party to "celebrate my birthday with all those who love me."
JOSÉ MANUEL: go to the TV to "meet my favorite actors"
CHARLOTTE: be a princess for "walk with a nice dress nice places."
JORGE: have a game console and games "to play with my brother and beat him."
LUCIA: go to the concert of my idol "to sing and dance without stopping and know".
ALEJANDRO: go to a theme park "to climb around and have a great time."
AINARA: enjoy a day of super heroes "for southern super powers".

This is what you can get:

Sam's signed picture. Donated by Mari Ángeles.

Claire and Jamie's amigurumis. Donated by CalpurniArt.

Thistle Bookmark. Donated by CalpurniArt.

Vive les Fraser handbag. Pretty cool, huh? Donated by Maresgumis.

Handmade earrings. Donated by FimoTodo through Maresgumis.

Bookmark with a real "Lily of the valley" on it. Donated by Mari Ángeles.

Outlander shortbread box.

The official Outlander Journal.

TV Guide 2015 and TV Guide 2016 editions, with an all colour article inside. Donated by.

Outlander season one, vol. 2 Original Soundtrack.

And last, but not least, these very cool sneakers. Donated by Phusionarte vía Maresgumis. Model and Outlander illustration to decide once the winner is picked.

(Just so you can see an example, these are Maresgumis illustrations in her sneakers)

Thank you for reading, and participating!! xx


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